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Thank you for your advice.


Thanks for your kind words. While I am proud of my service, I'm currently stationed in sunny Arizona, and I believe the lion's share of the credit should go to those in harm's way overseas.

The fallacy is that you are trying to apply your rifle training to a shotgun.
I still recommend an introduction to shot gunning class to learn the differences between rifle and scattergun shooting.
Would you be willing to provide more clarity on this? Unfortunately, most shotgun training for Marines goes to our infantryman or security/Embassy devil dogs (I'm neither). Moreover, there are no shotgun classes that I could find in the Yuma, AZ area. Finally, everything I've found in my research thus far, from a cheesy old US Army video on combat shotgun, to this school, to photos posted online from a class, suggests that the "traditional" stance should be reserved for hunting geese:

And the "combat" stance (feet/shoulders pointed forward) is the way to go:

To be frank, I just don't see the differences between the above and what I've been taught on combat marksmanship with the M16A4.

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