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Sentenced for homelessness

This is modern stuff out of Weimar Germany.

Case No.... P. B.
Was heard by the court in Berlin on ___ 1920.
Mr. [deleted by author] was instructed to find himself alternative accommodations within five days, failing which, notwithstanding the most strenuous efforts on his behalf to do so, he would be punished for making himself homeless. The appellant was further warned that in accordance with #361, subsection 8, of the Criminal Law of the German Empire, such punishment will consist of up to six weeks in prison, and, in accordance with #362 ibid., transferral to the police authorities, for placement in the workhouse.


Signature of the homeless man in question.


Signature of the police case worker.
"The document quoted above is the so-called declaration, which has to be signed by anyone entering the homeless shelter on Frobelstrasse. The German in which this philanthropical document is couched corresponds to the philanthropy it expresses."

That old law German Empire law was phased out as jailing a person for being obdachlos (homeless, if I got the spelling right) didn't make sense.

The above was written by Joseph "Red" Roth and published in the Neue Berliner Zeitung, Sept. 23, 1920 and later republished as "What I Saw: Reports From Berlin."
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