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NRA Highpower, Service Rifle, plus the CMP EIC matches when I can.

This winter I've been shooting a couple of 4-P smallbore leagues (a postal and a team). It's been a bit of a challenge to adapt to shooting the course of fire with slow-fire sitting and kneeling, but it has been a hoot too! I'm addicted and looking to add a suitable rifle to my collection for next season. It's a toss-up between a .22LR AR upper to maintain my proficiency with the service stick or find a dedicated smallbore gun just because it's more competitive. (My scores have been everywhere from a 360 to a 387, so I know I need to practice...)

And sometimes for fun I go shoot the local "recreational pistol" matches, which are loosely IDPA-based. I'm not even close to being competitive speed-wise, but it's still fun to make noise!
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