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OK, the update:

Had a great time. Watched some videos online before going, and read the rule book, etc. Also sprung on a Balckhawk kydex serpa holster and two Blackhawk kydex leaf spring mag retention units, as well as a couple extra Mec-Gar mags. All gear functioned exactly as it should. Nice chance to try out the new Uncle Mike's range bag the wife got me for Christmas, too.

Range instruction was great, rules are simple and accessible to newbies.

Four courses of fire (not a classification match, so I was registered as unclassified). First was from the seated position, five targets, including one activated by firing first on a steel target which activated a 1.5-second turning target, up from the table and to cover, slicing the pie on a 4-target room before moving to a 3-target lane and done.

Second course was from the trunk of a car, engaging seven different targets around different areas and through the passenger compartment.

Third was opposite sides of cover, then to a low opening to shoot from the prone.

Last was shooting from the driver's seat of a truck, then around the back of the truck to engage targets on the other side.

Didn't do too bad. All times in the mid to upper 20-second range; first two lanes only dropped a single -1; last two lanes dropped a few more points but no failures. The fastest time I saw out there was upper 18 seconds on the first lane, but he dropped a number of rounds in the -3, so not sure how the final times shook out. Will have to wait until they post the scores.

I will DEFINITELY be doing this again, and many times at that.

Thanks again for the information, Jim-it did help me get sorted out on what to expect my first day out there. Also found that type of hospitality and info was common among the shooters and instructors at the range, where I met some good folks and had a rgeat time.
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