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870 Remington Trigger Mods & Kits

Has anyone installed a Timney 'Trigger Fix' or Accuracy Speaks Trigger Kit? What is your evaluation of improvement over 'sloppy' factory trigger? Was installation straightforward - any 'kinks'? Were instructions thorough? I was told the Timney utilizes a 'Teflon' coating on sear/trigger. If this is correct, have you noted any undue wear on contact surfaces? What is your estimation of trigger pull weight? This is important as this 870 will be used as a 'breaching' shotgun AND it must also deliver Buckshot, N.L. Munitions and SLUGS accurately at 25/50+ yards. It will often be used with gloves. So, for legal reasons, a heavier (5 lbs.) trigger pull will be used. What I want most is the elimination of creep, drag/grit and over travel of factory unit.
Also: If you had to contact Maker/Seller for Returns/Resolution of Problems (etc.), were you satisfied with their response?

Thanks for your help.
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