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All -- thanks for the replies. From what I've learned since my original post, the Compact Jr. stock may have the same LOP (12") as the Hogue synthetic stock, but the former is smaller overall (less surface area) and thus may hit the shoulder harder. Something to consider.


Have you shot the shorter LOP stock to ascertain that that dimension is the correct one for you and your spouse?
She hasn't, but I tried the 870 Youth Stock (13" LOP) and it was great. I figure if I add the Limbsaver to either of the two options mentioned in the original post, it'll make the LOP juuust right.

Gun FIT is paramount - it helps alleviate recoil, helps keep you on target, and makes success easier to come by.
Quote for truth.


My guess is weight is immaterial to how long you can hold a shotgun on point in an HD situation
Agreed. However, though we wouldn't necessarily go wading all day through the wetlands hunting geese, we would still practice practice practice (or at least, I'd encourage her to do so), and I think the lighter weight would help in that regard.


What LOP stocks do you and your SO shoot now?
We don't shoot shotguns now -- I've started her off on the pistol and the rifle and have been trying to impart what the Marines have imparted onto me. Neither one of us is big, so in maintaining the proper shooting stance while facing the target, the shorter the longarm the better.


This is perfect. Thanks for the link.


Option 1 has a choked barrel which increases flexibility a bit.
If we're not hunting and plan to engage our targets (heaven forbid) at very short distances, will this matter?

One other issue to think about is whether that extended mag tube on Option 2 is going to make it feel front heavy.
This is a great point. Thank you.
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