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And please don't do super short 1-2 rounds bursts. The one's I've used prefer to be drawn out a bit and will start to jam when not fired correctly.
Yeah, I figured that out on the range. I'm also a whole lot more accurate/effective if I fire at least a 6 round or so burst.

My 2nd tour was with a 249 with an EoTech. What you saw on the firing line was typical of older SAW's that have seen too much use and not enough maintenance. Keep it clean and lubed and it will work wonderfully for you. I only lightly lubed the rails while on patrol, but carried a spray can of Hoppes lubricating oil where I could get to it easily. If you are able, during a belt change, give the guts a spray.

How did you like the EoTech on it? If I can find out before I go how my SAW is going to be set up then I may buy something like that for my personal guns and take it over there with me for my SAW.

How about Miltech 1 Dry Lube? I just got 5 bottles in a predeployment care package, figured I wanted something that wouldn't attract sand. Anyone have experience with it? I may start a separate thread about it here in a minute.
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