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Compact Jr. 12" LOP Stock vs. Hogue 12" LOP Stock



1. I am committed to getting a 20-gauge shotgun* AND
2. I am committed to getting a Remington 870** AND
3. I am going to put a Limbsaver on the weapon


What is the better option?

Option #1: Remington 870 Express Compact Junior
Weight: 5.75 lbs
Overall: 37.25"
LOP: 12"


Option #2: Remington 870 Express Synthetic 7-Round:
Weight: 6 lbs (but other sources say 6.75 lbs)
Overall: 38.5"
LOP: 14"...but put a Hogue synthetic stock on it that reduces LOP to 12"


The primary users of this firearm will be myself (5'5", 150 lbs) and the significant other (5'3", 115 lbs) for the purpose of home/zombie-defense. We will not be clearing rooms (where a shorter overall length and increased magazine capacity would help) nor hunting (where toting around a lighter gun all day would help). My gut instinct is that Option #2's heavier weight would soak up some of the recoil whereas Option #1's lighter weight would make it easier for the significant other to maintain a proper firing position for a longer time (she doesn't have Sarah Connor's arms). To be frank, it seems like the differences between the two options are rather minimal, but I am an obsessive planner/researcher by nature.

Thank you all.


*There are many excellent threads out there debating the merits of 12 gauge vs. 20 gauge, but I want to limit the focus of this thread and not re-invent the wheel/rehash the debate.

**There are many excellent threads out there debating the merits of Mossberg vs. Remington and pump vs. semi-auto, but again, want to limit the focus of this thread.
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