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Cosmoline in stock...

I recently purchased an m44, and as with most Nagants it was covered in cosmoline. I steamed and brake cleaned it all off of the metal. I sanded the old finish off the stock, and i steamed it as well. If i carefully take a heat gun to the stock more comes out, but it's so little that if i take the heat gun away from the stock it instantly re-absorbs. It seems to be never ending. It doesn't ooze out nearly as much as it did but it still does. Can i stain my stock now, Or will really hot weather ruin my finish? What can i do to get the rest of the stuff out of the stock?

PS. The finish i was going to use is MinWax Polyshades Stain and Polyurethane. Will melting cosmoline permeate the polyurethane, or will it cause the finish to bubble?
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