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M249 SAW: Your Experiences

Looking for anyone, civilian or military, who has had some time behind the weapon. Feel free to share your experiences. I'll go first,

So far I've put about 600 rounds through it, 500 being at last month's drill in Ft. Knox. The SAW next to me was finicky the whole day, heard a lot of "GUN DOWN" coming from my left. Mine ran great... until the bolt snapped... yes snapped, as in more than one piece... had to bring another up and I finished my last 100 rounds.

I was pretty lethal with it out to what I estimate was around 500 to 600 yards on some steel popper targets. I was told I was one of the best on the SAW that day so I came away with an overall good feeling about it. Still not sure I trust it yet.

One thought I came away with was that it definitely needs an optic and an adjustable cheek piece. Had to stick my hand on the stock under my cheek to get decent sight alignment (all our SAWs have an M4 style telescoping stock) and it took me a little longer to acquire targets with the iron sights than I would like.
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