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I agree with what the others have said. Unless the safe has a high security keyway (like Medeco, or UL listed safe lock), the chances are good that it could be picked, or that a key could be replicated.

Knowing a bit more about it, or seeing some photos, would narrow it down quite a bit.

Those of us in the business would never discuss things like "drill points" with others who are not in the business. How secure would your safe be if everybody on the internet knew how to break into it?

When I drill a gun safe, the typical charge to open (no repair) is in the $300 +/- range. Included in that is the $100,000 worth of truck and equipment parked in your driveway, a few million dollars worth of liability insurance, 20 years worth of experience, and thousands and thousands of dollars worth of classes and training. How much should I charge?
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