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Beware of Marksman

In December 2010 I was told by an employee of Marksman Indoor Shooting range in Tucson, Az (DBA OCONGI for O'Connell/Gibson). that they could get a Glock 23LE in 7 to 10 days, if fact the gun was at thier distributor with my name on it and all I had to do was pay for it. So I did. After 10 days I called to find out the status of my order, and was told that it was not in and they would call me when it came in. After waiting 30 days, I went to the store to ask for a refund. The owner, Barbara O'Connell, told me they don't give refunds and pointed to a small sign posted knee high below the counter. I told her that if I had known Marksman could not get the gun in 30 days, I would have bought it elswhere. She turned her back on me and walked away.
So I called my credit card company and requested they reverse the charges, and the reversal has just recently been processed (60+ days later and Marksman still doesn't have the gun). I just got a phone message from Ms. O'Connell informing me that I am no longer allowed in her business. However, in December my wife purchased a membership for me, which I now cannot use. Please keep this in mind if you ever consider doing business with Marksman; if you have a problem with a purchase, they don't care. I will never do business with Marksman/OCONGI ever again, and I highly recommend you do the same.

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