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ZCORR Reusable Vacuum FSP Bags Now Available

ZCORR Vacuum Storage & Preservation Bags (Vacuum FSP Bags) are 100% effective at preventing corrosion and are fast and simple to use. They are identical to our time tested Original FSP Bags and have two improvements: a one way vacuum valve and a military grade zipper closure that is 100% water proof and air tight.

Just like our Original FSP Bags, the Vacuum FSP Bags are constructed using a foil based material that does not allow any moisture or other corrosion causing elements into the bag and also does not let any of the protective VpCI molecules out of the bag. Days, months, or years later take the firearm out of the bag and it will be in the same condition as it was when first stored. Best of all, no cleaning is required before use when a firearm has been correctly stored in the Vacuum FSP Bag and no desiccants are required for proper storage . . . which saves you time and money!
Now through the end of March take 15% off your orders with the coupon code ZCORR-DoubleTap

ZCORR Vacuum Storage & Preservation Bags offer

* 100% Effective corrosion prevention
* 100% Moisture and oxygen proof material
* 100% Water tight and air tight closure
* Puncture & tear resistant material
* Non-abrasive interior will not scratch or scuff finishes
* Reusable, heavy duty, military grade zipper closure
* Depending on use, protection can last far beyond 5 years
* Flexible material allows for storage in gun safes and hard cases

ZCORR Products
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