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Looks like the best answer to meet that weight limit is the thousand-dollar S&W 340PD (11.4 oz unloaded), using either .357 or .38+P rounds. Then again, I can't tell what it weighs loaded, can't find that info. What do 5 rounds of .38 or .357 weigh? Maybe the best answer is that 12 gauge shell in the plastic one-shot thingy

In autoloaders, that weight limit restricts you to .380 or less:
Ruger LCP (12 oz loaded)
Kel Tec P3AT (11 oz loaded)
Seecamp LWS38 (14 oz loaded)
NAA Guardian 32 (16 oz loaded)
Seecamp LWS32 (13 oz loaded)
Kel Tec P32 (10 oz loaded)

The only 9mm's that come close are the Rohrbaugh (17 oz loaded) and the Kel Tec PF9 (18 oz loaded)
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