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a $23 ultimate CC holster?

You will think I am crazy but I found the best (for me) concealed carry holster and for less then $25. I have a drawer full of holsters, some over $100. But I use this holster for nearly all concealed carry all the time wheterh I am carrying a PM 9 or a Les Baer full size.

I found it at a small gun shop in North TX. It is a garage idea by a retired guy who is not interested in making too many. But he will make them in any size you want. The idea is extremely effective and very efficient. It consists of a light weight piece of ballistic materical sewn into a pocket with the correct depth and width to fit your firearm. This "pocket" has a length of ballistic material on one side. You slip your hostered side arm into your pants then take the extension tab and wrap it over and down then up under your belt. It stays perfectly secure because there is metal piece sewn into the end of the extension.

This may be a little hard to visualize but send me a note and I will send you a pic of the holster both off and on.

The major advantages of this device are that it is very easy to put on or take off, the very low cost and off course its extreme conceal-ability. I have no holster more concealable no matter what the price. Drop me a note and I'll show it to you.

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