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Just my .02$- (.01$ after our Dear Leader gets his cut)

I am in the 340pd club, as I do not trust anything smaller, as in a .380. that is just my opinion and I am not bashing anyone who does. I am certain that there are many here who are more knowlegable than I who carry a .380 with confidence. I use a handload that gives me about 1150 fps. with a 125gr. JHP
and in all honesty, I will probably switch to something else at some point. I am not afraid of my hand hurting in a SD situation, it is just very hard to practice with the thing. I do practice with full power rounds, and given that I already have a good case of Arthritis in both hands, they do hurt for some time after even a short session with the 340.
I will probably try to get a Commander size 1911, that is easier on the hands during practice and load it with a 200gr. JHP going as fast as I can make it go reliably.
I think 16oz. is a pretty silly weight reqirement for a SD gun, even though I happen to have one, as it disqualifies the vast majority of SD guns.
JMHO and as always, YMMV

BTW, I am with Markj, there are no dark allies on my farm either, I will be shooting either a 1911, or a .45 Blackhawk when I am at home. And I do carry at home.
Don' keep shooting them until you think they are dead, Keep shooting them until they think they are dead.- Clint Smith

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