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Well, I generally carry a Ruger SP101, .357. loaded with 125 gr.HP's.
But that's way over 16 oz.. It's 25 oz. unloaded.

But when I dress up to go out with DSW to an Art Show opening, I sometimes carry my Ruger LCR, .38 special loaded with .125 +P HP's.
Especially if it's Summertime. In Winter I'm as likely to carry the SP101.
The LCR is 13.5 OZ. unloaded. I'm sure that Loaded it would be pretty close to your 16 oz. Limit. And, I would not have a bit of doubt but that it would do the job, just fine.
I would not feel under gunned.........
However, my next purchase is going to be the .357 model of the LCR, just in case.
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