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Looking for a heater for my safe - Or other suggestion

HELP ! ! !
I have a Browning Pro-Steel 30 gun safe. It's roughly 36" wide, 30" deep and 70" tall.

I can't get it warm enough inside to warm the guns up to the point where I don't get condensation when I pull my guns from the safe.
I currently have 2 - 18" Goldenrods in the safe on the floor.
Does anybody make a small heater that puts out enough heat to keep it warmer inside, so condensation won't be an issue. As long as the guns remain in the safe there isn't any problem because the temps remain pretty constant. I've pretty much decide to keep the safe closed up during the winter to avoid the temp shifts.

Here's the big problem.
The safe is currently out in my garage. Temps out there can reach near sub-zero, and the goldenrods just can't produce enough heat against with those temps.

I want to move the safe to my family/computer room, but my wife wants to leave it out in the garage of at all possible.
I'm getting a dehumidifier for it on top of the goldenrods, but I still don't think that will be enough.
Does anybody know of a method or a heater available to get the safe warmed up without destroying my guns. I've got $20-$25K in guns, and probably $10K in ammo I want to protect.
You're help will be greatly appreciated.
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