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22lr Suppressor: clean or not?

I'm considering a Ruger 22/45 and suppressor. My local shop sells two different Gemtech suppressors, one is $300ish and can be taken apart for cleaning, the other is $150ish can can't be taken apart. I understand the need for cleaning, but Gemtech's website indicates this shouldn't be done or done often (via docs for their 22lr models).

1. Is this something that really needs to be done?
2. How often (number of rounds)?
3. Can sealed cans be cleaned "good enough" via soaking or compressed air?

I probably won't put much more than 500 rounds through one each year since I'll only use it when I'm shooting outdoors away from other shooters. Otherwise, I'll be wearing hearing protection and won't benefit from the suppressor to begin with. I don't mind spending the extra $150ish for the other can, but given my usage, it might not make sense.


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