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gun safe experience

When I was going to get a safe I did lots of online research at the different websites, talked to salesmen and just went out and handled the things. Some sites have videos of how their safes are made, YouTube has postings about safes, etc. There is a lot of information out there to go through if you are serious and it will help you make the right choice.

Some things might be important to you and other features not so much. That is up to you to decide. Also, your "real" budget and not what you want to spend will influence the purchase. If you need to wait and get the one you want, I would suggest doing so. Waiting a few extra months and spending the extra cash will be worth it years down the road.

There is a difference between a gun safe and a gun security box, etc. I've seen $200.00 StackOn gun cabinets, security boxes, etc but they are not safes. They serve a purpose and at times are better than nothing at all. But when you go out to purchase a true gun safe make sure you get just that and not a sheet metal box that a screwdriver can rip open.

After my research, I bought the Browning Vintage and it has been good. The one drawback of any gun safe is, "there is never enough room".

Best of luck to you.
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