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You did not mention the caliber but I assume it would be 38 special or 357 magnum. In a 38 special the S&W model 10 or 15 in blued model or a model 64 or 67 in stainless. Without a doubt this are the best 38 special revolvers I have ever used. I still own two model 10 4 inch barrel revolvers.
In the 357 magnum revolvers I still feel the S&W model 19 4 inch is the finest and best handling 357 ever made. I agree with others that a person should limit the amount of 357 magnums used in the model 19 but I still feel for home defense a person can't beat a model 19. Another option is the Ruger Security Six 4 inch. A very underrated revolver. Handles close to a model 19 as far as size and weight. Lastly, if you want a heavy duty 357 magnum revolver that can handle a steady diet of 357 magnums then the Ruger GP100, S&W 686 and S&W model 27/28. Although they are heavier frame revolvers they are built to handle the 357 magnum round which is still rated near the top of the man stoppers.
I would go to the range and try some revolvers. There are so many options. Find the best one for you.

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