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Several responses


I will buy that. I don't shoot nearly as much as you do and so I don't put as much wear on the internals. I do agree with what you say.


Thanks for your compliment but......I advise you to take everything I say with a grain of salt. Most of the folks who post here have far more actual shooting experience than I do and consequently they are in a better position to posit on the relative shooting qualities of revolvers.

In addition, I have an odd approach to shooting. I never ever shoot with another person present, consequently I never get the input from others whose experience would really help me. I know what I know, but I don't know what I dont know.

I do like working on the revolvers and so I feel like I have a fairly good knowledge of the internal workings of the various pistols.

I would stay away from the 319.00 CVA/ASM. I was looking at that pistol but the price is too high. Add forty bucks and you can buy a brand new Uberti from Taylors. I think that would be worth it.

There were a coupla Dragoons up there for around 200.00 but one of them had an after-market front sight. Depending upon how that modification was done, that revolver could be worth a maximum of 100.00 dollars. There was a first model which has been listed for about four weeks. The guy lists a reserve (IIRC) and the bids are never high enough to clear the reserve. Close examination of the photos reveals that the revolver is far from perfect. There is also a Dragoon for 292.00 and here again, if you put a little extra cash with it, you can buy a new one from Taylors. Also, some of those guys have 30.00 in shipping. I never buy a revolver when the seller is trying to mask profit as shipping. A Walker can be shipped priority to any ZIP for 11.00.

Hylander and Bill,

1700.00 covers the purchases that I have not told my wife about. And she is a pretty open minded person.

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