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The secret is in that straight rifled choke tube...

so I shot the gun this weekend, we finally had some warmer weather...

I had 6-7 nice tight consistant shot shells loaded with my 1st reciepe... just for giggles, I fired the 1st round with the thread protector in, instead of the choke tube... from 25 ft, the pattern measured 33" ... no doughnut pattern, but definately a "loose" pattern...

then added the choke tube, & cut the pattern size down to 12" or less at the same 25ft... ( I'm impressed )

I had one earlier in the process, loaded shell that only had one nitro card & a bit more shot, & that one opened to 14" with still a nice tight pattern... I'll load up another 10 with the single nitro card & as compact as my last shells were, & make sure those are consistant, but I was shooting at about a 48" box made from a big sheet of corrigated, & the #5 shot was shooting through the back side, so I think I'm happy with the velocity, though yet unknown, with 13 grains of Lil Gun

... as mentioned, the barrel had more shallow rifling than my other 44 mag barrel, that may help prevent or reduce the "dough nut" effect, but if the Judges shoot such a loose patter at 25 ft as this barrel does with only the thread protector, I'm glad I decided to go this route instead...

the pattern from 25'...

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