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Weekly Update 02-11-2011

On 2-10-2011, in Richards v. Prieto (was Sykes v. McGuiness), the County filed its MSJ. Doc #59 on the docket. Also, Doc. #64 is an application for amicus curiae by (Drum Roll, please....) The Brady Center (they really should change their tactics)!
Grey Peterson feels left out! The Brady's haven't filed in his case, Peterson v. LaCabe.

Update on the Heller II case.
You remember that I reported that the Brady Center filed an amicus brief on 01-24? Well, Krucam caught that Stephan Halbrook filed a reply to that specific brief, four days later on 01-28.

I'm attaching both briefs, for your pleasure and enjoyment. The reply brief rips into the Brady Center. Gloves must be coming off!!
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