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ATF Project Gunrunner

What started out, and looked to be, some kind of Tin-Foil Hattery, or maybe just plain malicious rumor, has once again reminded me that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

David Codrea, the National Gun Rights Examiner, has the blow-by-blow account at, A journalist's guide to 'Project Gunwalker' (Davids word play on the ATF Project Gunrunner)

Now for those of you that are thinking, "Fry mah hide! Old Al has gone off his rocker an' is promotin' cornspiracy theo'ists," even David Workman (a Gun Rights examiner respected by Eugene Volokh), is talking about it. Seems the CCRKBA (a sister org to the SAF - Alan Gotlieb runs both) is now calling for a Senate investigation.

About 10 days ago, Senator Charles "Chuck" Grassley (R-Iowa), ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, began an inquiry into this. After being rebuffed by the DOJ (full denial and called the Senators' letter, "politicizing"), the Senator sent a letter to Eric Holder, which included enough documented evidence to support allegations that the ATF was implicit in allowing firearms to "walk" south...

Oh, it gets much much worse. It seems that two AK-47's (Wasser 10's) that were being tracked by the ATF literally from the moment they were purchased, ended up in the firefight with CBP Agent Brian Terry. Terry was killed in that incident last Dec. This (the firearms) is documented in Sen. Grassley's letter to Holder.

The ATF had documented well over 700 firearms, since 2009, that went south. In the days following Agent Terry's death, several culprits were rounded up, including the guy that originally bought the AK's. The DOJ has admitted that they have recovered about 100 of the firearms the ATF was "tracking." As Grassley asks Holder, where are the other 600+ firearms?

There's an old saw about poking wolverines with sticks... Senator Grassley's letter was enough to hand Holder his testicles.

It also appears that the attaché to Mexico City found out about these "rumors" and called the Special Agent in Charge, Bill Newell, of the Phoenix Bureau to verify and ask if the Mexican Government had been informed. He was asked to stand down. He didn't. Going over the SAC's head, the attaché spoke with Washington and was told again to stand down.

This attaché was removed from his position last Nov. and has (been forced to?) resigned (Dec. 31). Guess what? The Phoenix SAC is scheduled to take his place in May.

With everything else going on in the US today, don't we just need a real live International Incident with Mexico?

You mean to tell me you haven't heard a thing about this? [shakes head] You really think the MSM is going to report anything that might implicate Pres. Obama? Get Real!

At any rate, if you follow the first link, above, and start reading all the cross-links, you won't be posting in this thread for a day or so.... Heh Heh!
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