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Morn'in manbearpig,

GOOD LOOK'IN BENCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like how you are able to store your tools.

The only thing which I can see which might be, IMHO, better, is if you were to employ my under the bench receiver system for tool mounting.

This would provide the same changability as your present system, but allow the bench top to retain it's integraty and remain solid with no cuts or holes.

I have thought of building a system such as yours for "storage" of unused tools, but because my receiver system has 2 sets of "primary" receiver tubes as well as a secondary set, my Hornady progressive L-N-L and my RCBS Rockchucker spend most of their time in position and ready to go.

The secondary receiver position is where I mount the shotshell reloader, Bench top primer tool, case trimmers, Boolit sizer/lubers, powder measure etc., but they are only in place as needed and do not have a decated mount except for the powder measure.

OH, and don't worry about "filling up" storage space, as that is the last thing a long term reloader needs to worry about!

My "piling system" is much more advanced then yours!

I am in the process of building, built in storage, under the bench in the common area the wife and I share. I call it the reloading room and she calls it the hobby room. There will be 9 drawers total - all Oak faced to match the rest of the house -, 6 on Sharon's side and 3 on mine.

From the looks of your wood working skills, I could sure use your help.

I am much more at home with steel fabricating, while I am in the learning process with drawer building.

Keep up the good work, but think about the STEEL under the bench receiver system.

Keep em coming!

Crusty Deary Ol'Coot
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