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So here's my project. As of right now I have way more money and time invested in the bench itself than I do in the actual reloading equipment, but I'm working on it. The door in the middle at the bottom is where I have my brass tumbler. It is lined with styrofoam insulation panels. It keeps the noise and dust to a minimum. The second pic shows how the inserts with the tools premounted on them slide in and out. The next pic shows how I store the inserts that I'm not using. This way when I slide in a blank insert I have a usable workbench with power and light. Very useful so far. The last pic is the bookshelf over my light source. I'm working on filling it up. I like the setup, it gives me all the storage space I need to store tools and supplies, and still looks fairly organized and clutter free. The last pic is a look at how I recessed the tools in the drawers. Easier to remember where to put them away and see if anything's missing.
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