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Bottleneck rifle cases require case lubrication to resize. They also tend to grow a few thousandths with each firing, so they have to be trimmed periodically after sizing and before loading. For these reasons I usually find it easier to use a single-stage press to resize. Then I clean the lube off in plain corncob in a tumbler and check to see if I need to trim yet. If so, I do that.

Another issue is involved in reloading for a self-loading rifle with a floating firing pin, like the AR or the Mini-14. It is important to minimizing the risk of slamfires in these rifles that the primer be seated about .003"-.005" below flush with the case head. Be prepared to check for high primers on every round and seat deeper if you find one. (Using the military-hard CCI #41 primers is another slamfire mitigating step you can take for the self-loader.) I usually use a hand tool that lets me feel the primer touching the bottom of the primer pocket, then run them quickly through the primer seater on my Forster Co-ax press, which forces the primers the right distance below flush.

If you are going to use cases from fired military ammunition, you will need a means of swaging out or otherwise removing the crimp from the case so the primers seat easily. That's another step that follows decapping and resizing before you can complete the loading operations.
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