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Need advice on reloading .223 Remington

I've been reloading handgun ammo for a few years now in 45, 9, 38, 357, 40, etc. on a pair of Lee Pro-1000 progressive presses. I also have two rcbs single stage presses I normally use for Lee FCD's as a final step for the auto cartridges.
I'm considering purchasing an AR-style rifle in .223, but if I do I'd like to reload for it. I've heard the .223 cartridge called "easy" to reload elsewhere on this forum. Is this something I want to do on a 3-station progressive? Do these cartridges even compare to loading handgun ammo?
I've also read in one of my manuals of slower loads for this cartridge using cast bullets of #2, which would be nice since I cast for my 45 and 38.
Thanks! Steve W.
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