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thanks for the comments guys I'll be taking home some really big cardboard sheets this weekend, & hope to pattern my 1st loads ( as well as get it sighted in for the 444 bullet loads )... could possibly post pattern pics by Monday... I could shoot the gun both with, & without the straight rifled choke tube, since I have the thread protector made for this gun... I know I'm curious how much difference it makes

I'm actually wondering how far off the sights would be between the shot shells ( which will most likely recoil substancially less ) & the 444 loads...

I suppose I could dial in the fiber optic sights for the 444 & the laser ( since that is most likely my skunk sights ) for the shot shells... if I'm close enough, I might have enough overlap between the 2 sighting systems, that I can still get hits with the shot shells using the fiber optics, for the occasional daylight use ???? ( though, because I work during the day time, & early I most often see this type of varmints heading down the driveway at 5:00 in the morning ( still often dark ) or at night...

BTW... got my .375" round ball molds yesterday... so the 000 buck loads are a couple weeks out... ( I'm hoping there is room for 3 of them in the 444 case )
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