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Hello, popa59hd. I have been making nitrated ctg.'s since 1969..started with a Navy Arms .36 1851 navy Colt. I have a Shilo Sharps percusssion 1863 .45 rifle (Farmingdale) that I have used them in sine 1977. Just make a super-saturated solution...add enough salts in very hot water until you see undesolved particles in bottom of container..dip your paper in this & let dry..If your using the real P.N. have no will burn! If your afraid of smouldering paper remains in can glue up some heaver paper & glue the thin nitrated to bottom of tube..when fired, just reach in with pinky & pull out remains. These are alot more rugged to haul around. One thing about the paper-cutting..I always had better acuracy if ctg. was flush with end of spilled powder for consistancy. Best of luck!
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