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Sewerman: Thanks for getting back so soon on my nitrated paper question. Yes, both my Sharps are papercutters, just like Sharps are supposed to. My main concern is having a smoldering peice of paper in the chamber and/or barrel when I slip the next cartridge in. I don't want it blowing back in my face, if you know what I mean. Local tobacco shop came up with a supposedly 'nitrated' paper, but when I lit a small peice of it with a match, it burned about like tissue paper. It was awfully thin/flimsy and would likely be prone to tearing/ripping for any number of reasons, so I shied away from it. Nonetheless, thanks for idea of using used hair roller papers. I seem to remember them from my ex- and they were a bit heavier. I wonder if using them would turn the powder smoke blonde or brunette or redhead?
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