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I have a Rockchucker and a little Partner press for rifles on 1 bench and a lubesizer and a Rockchucker/Piggyback for pistols on another bench.

I have MEC shotgun presses to load 410, 28, 20, 16 and 12 gauge that can bolt on to another area with wingnuts. Since I dont load those as much, most of the time they are sitting on a shelf and that area becomes work bench. This time of year, this spot is for brewing beer.

I have another bench that is for powdering, priming, trimming and more work bench. 2 of these benches have slide outs to bring the bench from 2' back to the wall to 3 1/2' and they get used alot. Its easy to do and I recommend it. It gets crowded fast and I even keep my loading room clean.

This is in a 12'x14' room. There is sofa under a gun rack with rifles currently being used or worked with against the 4th wall and I'm thinking of moving that out and building another bench just for the extra room. If you can make anything easy to detach, do it.
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