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RCBS bench mounted Automatic Primer tool, then a Forster Co-Ax. Sitting next to the Co-Ax is a RCBS Big-Max and then a RCBS 50 BMG press. Last press on the end is a RCBS RockChucker. And to top it off is a MEC SizeMaster shotshell on the end of the short 5 foot bench. All presses on a 5 foot long bench and mounted close together. Just enough room to operate each. I don't have any problems with this close set-up. I sit at the bench and have a box in my lap to hold tools and components. Sitting just to the left of my bench is a cabinet the same height as my bench that the electronic powder scale sits on. I use the presses in tandem and for instance seat in one press and crimp in another, or size pistol in one and expand in the other.
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