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How Many Presses On Your Bench At Once?

Hello All,

Well, about 5 months into the hobby, my second press is on the way, despite "vows" I'd made to myself when buying the first press.

My first press is a Forster Co-Ax, the second press will be a Lee Classic Turret, in case you're curious. Will probably keep the Co-Ax as a backup and as an "if-I-get-into-rifle" press. I like it a lot.

I'll probably need to experiment and figure out what works for me but I'm curious how you multi-press owners have approached this. Do you keep more than one press mounted at the same time?

It seems like the convenience would be outweighed by clutter/cramped quarters. My bench is about 5 feet long. A large vice is mounted at one end (general work bench, not a dedicated loading bench). My Co-Ax is currently mounted to the other end. I don't "need" to use it regularly as I presently don't load rifle.

One bias: I don't like the plywood/clamp approach. I like my press to be mounted directly to the bench.

PS: As much as I love looking at others' loading setups I don't have a photo handy.
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