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Costco, check it out.....

From my limited experience, buying a gun safe is a lot like buying a mattress. Looks like different models from different brands are made by the same company(s)........ If you 'need' to spend $1,000 on a gun safe, I would also consider getting a home alarm with 'armed response'. All I needed was a fairly compact, closet gun safe for my long guns in particular. Costco has numerous choices in their 'office products' safety and security section. If you have found a company that has better customer relations than Costco, please let me know. My safe came on time, was delivered in the specified window, and they DID NOT bill my credit card until the safe was delivered. At less than $750 with tax and delivery. It's an excellent buy. It's a Cannon, but it 'could' be a Patriot or some other brand. Maybe it's really made in China and then the final parts are installed here so they can say 'made in america' like in the 'old days' when pick-up trucks just had their 'beds' installed in the US so they could say 'American Made' - but who would really know. Check out Costco. Economies of scale mean an excellent buy, but you can't get any of the 'custom' bells and whistles that I didn't need anyway ! Good luck and 'shoot safe'
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