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Help me build an LMT Defender!

Hey everyone,
I've never owned an AR-15 before, let alone built one. However, I've done tons of research and from what I've found, Lewis Machine and Tool is second to none... except maybe Colt.

That said, I really want a Defender... BAD! However, the wife has capped me out at $1,000. A Defender off the shelf is over $1,200.

Here's my thought: I want to buy an LMT full upper (minus bolt carrier):

An LMT bolt carrier:

and an LMT full lower:

This puts the total cost right at $950!

Here is my question: This will essentially be a defender right? In other words, I'm assuming the only difference is that I snap it together on my kitchen table. Am I right?

Is this a good buy?

BTW: I know I'll still be missing the rear BUIS. However, I'm banking on the fact that I can find one really cheap... like $50. This puts me right at $1,000
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