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Most cap and ball revolvers well have one or more pins or notches to locate the hammer down between chambers. Some C&B revolvers, like the Starr uses a extra set of bolt notches cut in the cylinder as a safety device. I consider this a safe way to carry a C&B.

Ben Towe, your Walker replica should have a single pin on the back of the cylinder to locate the hammer between cylinders. The Walker and Whitneyville Dragoons used a single pin and six pins starting some time in 1st model dragoons.

A center fire SA without the transfer bar should have the hammer resting on a empty chamber.

Originally Posted by GunDoc
I also load directly from a flask into a previously fired revolver. I know that many among you think this is dangerous and I do not disagree. But I understand the danger and know how to reduce it to an acceptable (to me) level. If you read about me in the news paper, you will know that I was mistaken. It would not be the first time.
I agree Doc. I just can't see "glowing embers" lasting so long as to be a hazard when reloading a C&B. Now if I was using paper cartridges I would be more cautious.

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