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Interesting characterization your use of the phrase "modern age of safety".

I am inclined to agree with you to a point. And as nearly everyone on the forum knows, this is a hot btton with me.

Many of the safety requirements identified in industry are more like realizations of a danger which always existed but was never mitigated. As an example, I cite the requirement for climber safety devices now in occupations which formerly did not make use of them. There are probably a hundred thousand examples of this enlightened approach to safety. As much as I hate to admit it, OSHA, NIOSH, and the guidance they develop and implement do save lives and reduce illness and injury.

I do believe it is possible to be too safe. When a requirement is set forth that is difficult, costly, or monumentally inconvenient to implement and which does not actually provide an appreciable gain in safety we may be going too far.

Many people would consider my approach to safety (the fact that I believe it is possible to be too safe.) as sacrelige. I did 26 years in the Navy and safety was part and parcel of every Navy evolution. After leaving the service I became an OSHA instructor, A CSX Railroad Work Safety instructor, and a Red Cross CPR/First Aid instructor. So it may surprise you to learn that I hate fire extinguishers. I experienced three shipboard fires and not one of them was put out with a fire bottle, but in every case all of the fire bottles were emptied without effect on the fire. In the fire on USS Coyningham, they used up every fire bottle on the ship, all of the ones they could get from adjacent ships and still the extinguishers had no effect. One man killed, three seriously burned, and many mistakenly thought they could fight a fire with a fire extinguisher. 20 seconds is all you get.

I also load directly from a flask into a previously fired revolver. I know that many among you think this is dangerous and I do not disagree. But I understand the danger and know how to reduce it to an acceptable (to me) level. If you read about me in the news paper, you will know that I was mistaken. It would not be the first time.

I always load all six but then the way I shoot does not make that practice any more dangerous than loading five. I never ever shoot with other people. I never carry the loaded revolver more than about eight feet. I always load and then discharge the rounds immediately. I ALWAYS cap the nipples at the shooting bench and NEVER travel even three steps with the revolver once it hasbeen capped. I must tell that the revolver on half cock, with the hammer just three quarters of an inch away from a live chamber send chills up my spine.

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