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I wish I could....I'm curious too

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Does anyone have any personal experience with doing this? I can't do this, not ready to drive 100+ miles for it. Those of you who own a lot of land and are out of the city limits and actually able to fire rounds into your own backyard (I envy you)

PLEASE! Post pics!

I've do this all day if I could...
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We have an 8 feet deep swimming pool in our back yard. You would not believe the number of times I've wanted to "test fire" a hollow point from one of my .45 ACPs, 9mms or 40 cals into the deep end. Problem is, a new liner would run about $6,000 w/ labor.

My brain and my heart say that no way would a round ever make it to the bottom with enough energy left to destroy the lining. But, my wife tells me otherwise and has promised 'bad things" will happen to me if I ever shoot our swimming pool!

I'll keep an eye on this thread just in case someone else is willing to shoot their own swimming pool!
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