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The ones I saw were Colts.

These Wolf threads are all the same. Some folks defend their ammowoobie, some folks say it sucks.

Whatever. Your gun, your ammo and what I or any other Wolf hater says shouldnt even register on your radar. My Karma tells me Im not going to shoot it, sell it or recommend it, even at the cost of better ammo margins

I can run bulk HSM plinkers at .289 per round plus freight. Thats $5.78 box of 20. Thats from a company that will stand behind their ammo and who you can call right up and talk to the "man"....

And in that regard, let me note that in the case of Corbon, HSM, ATK, Remington., Norma, Lapua and Winchester, all of those companies stand behind their product and are easy to work with. Companies not mentioned either suck or I never had any dealings with them.

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