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Hey thanks much for the reply and tips...I did ask for them, however, "squeeze" is not a problem for me (though quite looooong trigger-pull on this Kel-Tec IS, and there are no "houses" in my backstop here.

The white structure to the left is a root cellar (UN-occupied), and I was really questioned about this on another forum, so I'm going to post more pics here because it bothers me that I am being questioned on it when I'll be 51 years of age next month, and I've been shooting (and shooting better than "average" - for over 40 years). I do have some disabilities now which make it more of a challenge, but I'm working on these issues - hence, my post here.

Perhaps I should have mentioned my physical "issues" (challenges) to overcome, due to spine-defects and multiple spine surgeries (four) which have cost me greatly in my hands/arms and legs. That is why I was asking for tips, and posted here the same "Range Report" that I had posted in a "Disabled Hunters/Shooters" forum.

Thanks again, and I hope the new pics help clear-up the angle I was shooting - and that any ricochet would not be any problem unless it came-back 10 yards/30 feet to hit me (which I realize IS "possible").

Photo #1. EXTREMELY questionable "angle", based-on the angle of the picture.

Photo #2. The actual angle shot...shooting at the "back, right corner" of this old shed/shack.
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