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Be safe..... not sure what the status is of the other buildings in your photo. If slug catches a nail or other piece of metal in that shack it could ricochet into the house in the background.

You need scale (hang a dollar bill or similar) in your photo, ....but im pretty sure you can shoot better than that.

At ten yards you should be able to keep all your shots inside a 6 inch circle with almost any ammo you choose. Different guns will shoot different ammo with noticeable differences in accuracy. Better ammo could probably group at 4" or better from that gun. Shoot off some sort of rest (table, car hood, etc.) to eliminate some of the human element if you are comparing ammo.

Use two hands. Use your weak hand to stabilize your grip over your trigger hand.

Squeeeeeeeeeeze the trigger slowly; dont pull/slap/jerk it
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