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One of the world's not so best kept secrets: Alliant offers great powder, but the reloading data on their website sucks out loud. They only seem to offer advice for Gold Dot bullets. I can't imagine many handloaders use Gold Dot bullets.

What that means is that they offer data for some of the hottest, hi-test loads and if you get anything from looking at their online data, it's that these should be considered max loads in any bullet weight/caliber. Doesn't make it an appropriate load, but if you are going to even bother looking at their online data, at least that's [i]something[/u] you can take away from the experience.

I have always (well, mostly) had good response from Ben at ATK also and I would suggest that anyone using any Alliant powder to not be at all shy about shooting Ben an e-mail for some real, useful load data. Insert a snarky comment about excessive data for the Gold Dot bullets that most handloaders on a budget wouldn't even consider buying, too!

One work around that still keeps Alliant in the loop is to snag one of their printed guides if you spot one. I have one from 2005 that I still trust to at least give me a few more options -- and still consider as data from the powder manufacturer.

In Power Pistol, the '05 printed guide shows these items for 9mm:
115gr FMJ -- max load of 6.7 grains for 1,280 FPS and 33,500 PSI, min COAL of 1.12"

124gr FMJ -- max load of 6.6 grains for 1,235 FPS and 34,000 PSI, min COAL of 1.15"

125gr LRN, load not listed for this bullet with Power Pistol.

I will also add that I've loaded thousands of rounds of 125gr Dardas cast LRN and I've loaded them with Power Pistol and shot them through two different 9mm pistols and leading is simply not something that has occurred to any objectionable level. In fact, I consider 200 to 300 rounds of 125gr LRN in 9mm (back by Power Pistol) my load to prove that a pistol is worthy!

Now, through the K-T Sub2k, I made myself a leaded-up mess. That was my fault, but I did it on purpose so that I would know if it would or would not. And it sure did.

Seeing what other folks have been loading with this powder and a cast lead bullet, I'm considering reducing my load to see if I can tighten up my groups... but the load I'm using is a good bit warmer than what's been posted. Leading hasn't been a problem for me in 9mm. (I've done my share in .45, though!)
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