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Hillbilly Ambi's Ragged Range Report!

I Hope you fellers can please tell me how well I did - or did not do ... how much work I need , any tips, advice, opinions, comments, suggestions or "other" (and/or ALL OF THE ABOVE) that you may care to add - I'd appreciate!

I simply painted this one-ringed, green bulls-eye "target" real quick on the back/side of this old shack we have here.

F/A: Kel-Tec PF-9 (9MM) - (?) "Mini" Pistol

Distance: (measured) 30 feet (10 yards) - shooting "uphill" - (slight incline - not sure how many "degrees" or "% of grade", but this IS in the "hills").

Grip/Stance: One (right) hand (1-handed "seems" to occur naturally for me - though I'm sure I'd do better with a two-handed, more "professional" ["police/military"??] style).

1 mag. fired (a WHOPPING seven/7 WHOLE rounds - total - haha ).

Not sure what other info might be relevant/pertinent ... ?

The silver marks are where I spray-painted the holes to mark them for the photos and this report. The top right mark/hole was a first, single shot by itself, and then the rest were done rapid-fire... "a group", I guess you call it.

Please keep in mind - this was from 30 feet (10 yards) distance.
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