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Like most of us you will likley end up with a box of holsters. But to offer my 2 cents......

I carry a glock 19 daily hands down the best holsters cost big money.

If you carry outside the waist band look up a company called Kramer. They make cowhide holsters, but horsehide iswant you want. Horsehide is really firm. Its great it gives and flexes a little like cowhide but wont wear out and soften. It is firm like plastic, and reholsters well.

If your looking for inside the waistband look up comptac
The minotuar is a kydex scabbard on a leather backing and is very comfy. Unlike the crossbreed the comptac is modular. You can buy different bodies for different guns also the belt. Clips are not metal so they wont bend or mush. And you can adjust the cant.

If your on a budget i have had good luck with the desantis cozy partner. But it wears out

Good holsters are only expensive once. Likley cheaper holsters will need to be replaced much faster.
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