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How very strange that none of the credible pro-gun organizations have any information on a magazine ban being attached to the FAA funding bill or any other bill. i checked the GOA, NRA, and JFPO this morning-nothing.

This tidbit of mis- information is brought to you by Dudley Brown and his NAGR: Old Dudley is well known for yelling wolf when there are no wolves anywhere around. Beware of any guy who has a big read DONATE NOW sign on his organizations home page.

Old Dudley would like for you to believe that some anti-gun senator can "sneak" gun contrrol legislation onto legislation without it being voted on. This is not true. All amendments have to be voted on.

The stand alone senate bill is S. 32 and it was proposed by US senator Lautenberg of NJ. The bill presently has 10 co-sponsors.|

BTW: i really do wish folks would vet this kind of stuff before posting. It is really not hard to do.
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