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All this great info and not a one person talking about shot placement?

IF the lady has a 357/686 S&W and can't hit anything with it because she can't really lift it to aim it,the gun is useless.
Same with any gun someone is afraid of.

If I have to shoot someone with my Buckmark in 22lr (and 22mag is WAY more potent than a 22lr) ,and I put all 10 round into the chest cavity,the person will go down.
I can shoot it that well and ten rounds will destroy and stop most organs functioning.
In the forehead they will most definitely stop brain function.

You always want to use the biggest (practical) caliber you can shoot accurately and consistently,(consistently accurate?) If this is a 22lr in a 8 shot revolver,it is a very fine defense weapon.
I would definitely trust a 22mag S&W (don't like tauruses) with my life.Looking to pick one up too.
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