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I had a handfull of those "things" way back. But a few months before the '86 law was to take effect a cop buddy gave me some real sound stern advice..get rid of them ASAP.. too many know you got'em and when the law changes someone just might make a career of fyour butt. I disassembled them all , saw cut the receivers , put all the bits in a big box and sold them all the Recon Ordnance in wisconsin. He did the paperwork on them to "manufacture" them as transferable. At least those emmagees got new legal life , and I got some scratch. About 10 years ago I got a call from a "picker"... he had a lady whom inherited her dads "bringbacks" and was looking for money for them. Of course I expected a nice couple pistols and or rifles of german origin. I found an Mp44 in good shape and a really super MP40. Neither had a magazine.. and of course in no way were they ever registered. I told her since my "picker" freind new of them and now me , and her worthless brother she had best destroy them now. I offered to torch up the receivers and sell the parts - probably could of got her $2k for the bits. She acted like I was trying to rip her off. I graciously explained the circumstance these never to be legal autos presented her...she simply put them back in the overseas bag and shoved them under the bed. I never talked to that lady again and would'nt to this day. I could just see her addict brother selling them on the street or somehting as bad , and they were too ignorant/greedy . Had a fella one time at show with a couple of those vopo K/43's. One had "the switch". I showed the dealer and advised him to strip it down for parts on the spot and take the reaceiver out to his big old truck and bend it all to hell on his big redneck bumper. Nope , he just put it in a sleeve and snuck it out the door. There was a guy ( dealer ) whom was trying to peddle a fair condition 1st model FG42 at the show ... nobody really cared for the guy and there already was a quiet rumor he was on the hook working for the man. He was taking it into th ebathroom wrapped in a GI blanket with a story of hoow it came out of a vet's attic. I offered him $500 for the magazine and he replied "I only want a grand for the whole thing"....Knew right there it was real bad ju ju... the magazine alone was worth that and he knew. Did'nt take long for th eshow promoter to get an earful of the guys doings and he ran him ou tthe door quickly and oddly enough some clean cut types came form the lets say the shadows to help him load up and out on the spot.
On emore... Knew an old vet whom was a longtime cop. He loved guns and had no shortage of soem superb stuff... he saved alot of MG's and got them legal before the sun set on that. His reputation on that note and he always advertised through friends and fellow cops looking for anything shooterwise.His profuse gun knowledge and collection and his stories on saving many MG's apparently got him some unwanted attention. He got a call one day from someone he did'nt know saying he was referred to him by someone he hardly new well. He was'nt a stupid cop now mind you. The guy came over with a friend and produced in his kitchen a minty M1A1 thompson. They talked at length and he just new these guys were a sting from the get go. He excused himself wiht the tommy to the attached garage and cut it in two with his acetylene torch...brought it back into the "guys" and dropped it on the table. He said their jaws hit the ground and the talker of the two had a red face like the devil. He told them he said as he dropped it on the table something to the effect he saved them from alot of trouble they were looking to get into. Short time later through the grape vine he understood some ATF types had a hard on for him due to that 'incident'. Nothing ever came of it but he did go out of his way to visit their branch office and popped in to say hello to the "agent" whom posed as the seller just to rub it in ..guy had brass moxy !. Oh well that's enough already.
1) Culture Builds upon the past.
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4) To build free societies you must limit control of the past.
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