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I'm not sure I understand exactly what your asking, are you interested in just IDPA or are you looking for a league/competition that you and your son can shoot? If its just IDPA, it sounds like the previous gentlemen have provided some good information. If its the latter, why start with IDPA? you also have IPSC, PPC and Bullseye. I doubt that you'll have any problem finding a Jr pistol program in your area that will cater to the young shooter, and I would argue that starting a young shooter in bullseye is the best method for creating a well rounded shooter. He'll learn all the fundamentals and precision that are the foundation of a proficient shooter, and he'll likely get high quality coaching from experienced instructors that will help him succeed. If you can shoot bullseye pistol well, you can shoot anything well. I'm not trying to take anything away from the other 3 (I love PPC and like shooting IDPA, never tried IPSC), I just think its much easier to relax the precision and increase the speed, than it is to go the other direction. All 4 definitely take dedication to master. Just my opinion, but it worked well for me.---Mike.
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